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Service Organizations for Native Americans / Native Hawaiians

The following are links to services throughout NDN country ..... some are Native, some are not ....check it out !!!!

Native Serices & Organizations

Check out the VFW Post 23 in Riverside county California. There's a great Cherokee gal who is a big part of things there.

Veterans have to sign up (join) for the Group to put them on the Moccasin List

Native educators, here's a resource for you !!

The mission of the NativeBiz Learning Center is to provide an easily accessible web-based environment that allows any tribal education program and/or student in Indian country to access and utilize, industry-leading educational technologies that are either outside of their technical capabilities or budget limitations.

Joletta Tsosie


    • Enrollment in the Learning Center is free to any native or non-native student or adult learner with access to the Internet. (Some adult learner 'certificate' based courses charge a fee)


    • Educators within Indian country may utilize our courses and platform to educate tribal communities at NO CHARGE!

Native Village Youth and Education News

Indigenous Environmental Network 

IEN is soley dependent on both private foundation and individual donations. IEN does not solicit any federal grants.
Your donation allows IEN and its Indigenous staff to maintain and further develop its information clearinghouse, provide advocacy for environmental justice and health, convening local, regional and national meetings on environmental justice issues, and providing support, resources and referral to Indigenous communities and youth throughout North America and in recent years - globally.
Any donation to support our work is tax deductible.

The Native Writers Digital Text Project brings the works of Native poets and writers of fiction and other prose to readers world wide. Featuring out-of-print literary efforts of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and First Nations people of Canada, the project seeks to broaden the definition of “Native Writing” not only by focusing on writers who are not ordinarily anthologized, but also by publishing works which originally appeared in “ephemeral” sources andthe periodical press, especially in those publications edited and produced by Natives.

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Indian Health Services

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The Queen's Medical Center - Hawaiian Medical Library

WWW Virtual Library - American Indians

Native Power ....

Native Strength ....

Native Untiy !!!!