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Thanks for continuing to browse through our online store !

The items pictured on this page are currently for sale, and will assist in bringing in much needed funds to enable FNAIC to continue it's work in our community.

Please check back frequently, since our stock rotates and expands continualy.

For more information on these items, please contact :

Aimee at ....

Kiowaconio@aol.com  or  (909) 428-0516

by Ben Adair Shoemaker .. # 51 / 950

by G. Montgomery .. # 236 / 400

Emptiness Has a Claim on Death

by Enoch Kelly Haney

All Gone Goodbye

Escape of Coacoogee

Assembled Puzzle, mounted

Wide Watch Band #2

Hand beaded watch band on sturdy leather backing.

Narrow Watch Band #2

Hand beaded on sturdy leather backing.

Wide Watch Band # 3

Hand beaded on sturdy leather backing.

Key Ring # 3

Hand beaded on leather with tassle.

Hand Stitched Artwork